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Night Beach
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Night Beach Super pretty harmonies, incredibly "free"-feeling lyrics. Favorite track: Mice.
flute loop
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flute loop i adore this strange typhoon of music Favorite track: Wind Music.
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released May 12, 2016

Lyrics and music by Em Flanagan, and Marc Frongillo.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marc Frongillo.
Instrumental work by Eric Germano, Ross Pannebecker, Joseph Kress, Colin Dooman, Ericka Longo.
Special thanks to Jack Walter, Caroline Levy, J21 Vice City, James, Dan, The Coppertones/Wizened Man Face. Thanks to all of our friends and family for being so supportive and lovely you're all so great wow!!!!



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Poo Poo Patrol Massachusetts

poo poo patrol was formed by demigod duo marc + em. they hiked from killimon mountain down 2 the villiage of twole where they met their rhythmic guru kane. as they traveled westward, a trumpet playing mountain troll, joe, decided 2 come along. charming them with his slaps, bassboy ross came along 2, completing the manyheaded serpent. ... more

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Track Name: Thieves
Thievery of mind
Spread through time all alone in the sun
It’s fun to track
(The sand beetles along my back)
Here it goes again
Up and down the escalator of rhyme
Lo-ove is on the window

Send me your love
With a pocket for all the loose change you’ll find
Under the couch now, lookie there
Under the bed sure there you’ll find
The lost change from dinner
Take it all you’re getting thinner

Nobody cares
More than you do collect a bitter box
Of fears
(That let your letter days roll in)
Like a turtle does
Singing pasteurizing hymns for the land
Lily windows shatter

If there was a way
To free my knights from your daze
Then I would put
My sunday best away for good
And then have casual fridays
Until next november
Do you think you will remember?

Thievery of mind
Spread through time all alone in the sun
It’s fun to track
(The sand beetles along my back)
Here it goes again
Up and down the escalator of rhyme
Lo-ove is on the window
Lo-ove is on the window!
Track Name: Wind Music
Slightly daunting
I’m still breathing
Thinking softly
Thinking loud
Thinking that it’s in the cloud
Thinking it’s all over now

Sea breeze
Drifting thru
Sky trees
Turning blue

All the dirt here
Is earthquaking
Solid footing
Can’t be found
Miles under underground
Where there isn’t any sound

Sea breeze
Drifting thru
Sky trees
Turning blue

If we were running too fast,
Down a hill, and into glass
We’d wonder what has come to pass,
And what they did with all the grass
(And what’s the deal with all this glass?)
Track Name: Puddincup
It’s like a cold beer
In a hot, dank room
Staring at the rainy moon
It’s like piano keys
On salty knees
Hanging out
And making cheese
Out of curds & whey
Won’t you stay another day

It’s like whipped cream
On a puddin’ cup
Called my friend.
He said what’s up
(Hey man.
He said,
“Hey man,
Do you wanna toke?”
I said no, I’m on a T break.

I said no I’m on a T break...
...But enjoy your smoke.
Track Name: Deep in the Rambles
Deep, deep in the rambles
We were born
To a god
Now we’re in shambles
Because we forgot
Somewhere in the garden
With the overgrowth
Our minds
Have all hardened
And now no one knows
Deep, deep in the rambles
The rage
Festers fast
The age
Of contentment
Was not
To last

The seeds here are sewn,
The work here’s your own,
It’ll peel away the flesh
And then expose all the bone
The cogs are in motion
It’s already begun
Before it’s beginning
It’s already been done
Vast oceans where ships cast off
Turn to deserts
The farmers are bandits
The kings are all lepers
We prayed for the rain
And got storms unending
The prayer was all fake
The good were pretending
(The prayer was all fake,
The good were pretending!)
Track Name: Mice
The mice in the yard play their games,
Never really knowing what’s extreme about
Mice in the play their games,
Never really knowing whats much extreme about
Anyway they fancy by its all
Not much harder than being a tangerine
Whats clothes when you've got
a piece of bread for a mother
A bread for a mother

I bred your mother to be an ultra warrior
I bred your father to be
Somewhere in the yard
With all the mice
Singing songs of albatross
And little babies made of moss,
And little stinky balls to toss!

The kids in the school wave their flags,
Toes extended to the way to the underground
Front yard games with the windy ones,
Winding up the spine inside the tree inside the trailer park
What say you to my favorite game?
I could always ask another
Always ask another

I asked your mother if you would be around today
I asked your father if he knew where you would be
If it were up to me,
We'd all live inside a tower
And we'd go around each hour
Re-dispersing all the flour.

One step down,
To the mice in the petting zoo
Take this hat take this pill with me
You know it’s gonna fit you too
Big bomb my baby beat
Send her to school without a milky juice
Don't you know she's not doing well?

With the man,
With the man
With the man,
With the man
Your hair,
Your hair
Your hair looks great,
Wont you lick my tasty remains?